Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wormtown Rip-Off

When I came came up with the term Wormtown back in 1978, I never dreamed it would be something that lasted over 30 years. I always had a sort of fair use mentality when it came to others using it. Newspaper articles, radio spots, clubs who fight the good fight, if it benefited the scene or had something to do with local music it was OK by me. When someone uses it for financial gain with no attempt in asking or compensating me is when I get disturbed.
Recently, I have noticed it popping up in unusual places. Peppercorns on Park Ave is slated to open "Wormtown Brewery" in February, never heard a word from anyone involved over there.

Worcester Art Museum is having an exhibition in April entitled "Wormtown Rocks", and again, no one from that organization contacted me.

There another subtle use of it in the upcoming movie, "Boyband", again no contact from them.

I'm pretty easy to find on the net, do a Google search of Wormtown and see what comes up.
And what exactly have any of those business ever done for the Wormtown music community? Yet, they all stand to get monies from the use of something I created.
Worcester Art Museum is even offering a top prize of $750. for art or pictures submitted to their exhibit.
I didn't start this to make money. And it just pisses me off to see others profiting from it.
I think I need to look into this further.........


Randylou said...

Mayor, don't become the next Harvey Ball. Call an attorney.

Jeff Barnard said...

And the biggest Wormtown money-making venture of all isn't even here in Worcester. It's sixty miles away in Easthampton!!!