Monday, March 23, 2009

Wormtown Ecocomic Lesson

Here in Wormtown, as well as the whole nation, you are taught to strive for excellence in life and work. Earn as much as you can and live the good life. With all the AIG corporate bonus news lately, it seems like if you earn too much, you are evil. This is nothing new. Rich and powerful men have been hated throughout history. Look, I'll show you....

Mr Slate. As owner of The Slate Rock and Gravel Company, he worked poor Fred Flintsone in the hot sun of the quarry while he sat in his office overlooking it all. One will never forget the joy Fred felt everyday at quitting time as he slid down that dinosaurs tail to freedom.

Mr. Drysdale. As owner of The Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills, he guarded over Jed Clampett's millions as if they were his own. Professing love of money as his most important quality, he'd pretend to be concerned for the welfare of the Clampett's if they yearned to leave and return to the hills of Bugtussle, but in reality was only afraid of losing their deposits.

Mr Spacely. Owner of Spacely Space Sprockets, forced George Jetson to feverishly push button after button while screaming at him over that funny picture screen device, and temp him with promises of Vice Presidency that never came to fruition.

Mr Burns. Owner of Spingfield Nuclear Power, endangers the life of Homer Simpson, as well his co workers Lenny and Carl by ignoring Federal Guidelines set by the NRC for safe operation and storage of waste, all the while sitting in his plush office having his every whim catered to by his assistant Smithers.
So, it's okay to hate the Fat Cats who made it big and have all the money while you suffer, in fact it's The American Way.