Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

Starting early again this week, Thursday at Ralph's for an all out punk rock assault with Sadplant, The Pathetics, The Pity Whores, who should just move to Wormtown from Foxboro to save on gas, and For What It's Worth.
Friday, at the Lucky Dog, Hated open for Sinister Urge, a Rob/White Zombie cover band. My cousin, Russ Wyman, plays in Hated, so I give him a plug. They play Metal and are pretty good.
Down the street, Chanticlear make their way back to the scene at The Hotel Vernon, with The Vicious Bastards, The Allston Pants, Slitstich and The Pity Whores, who I hope to hell didn't go home on Thursday.
Saturday, back over to The Diner for Vagiant, Razors in the Night, Kill Conrad & American Motherfuckers, a band from Wormtown I have yet to see, but hear are mind blowing. Try the Burgers.
Out in Boston, John Felice has put together another version of The Real Kids, legendary band from the 70's, and will be playing at The Cantab on Mass Ave.
That's a weekend chock full of rock if ever there was one.
Play safe.

UPDATE: Bottlefight is playing at The Red Onion on Main St. in Otter River, MA on Saturday the 14th. Just go up rte. 68 past Gahdnah. Bring bail money.

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