Friday, March 20, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

OK a little late here, but better late then....
Tonight at The Lucky Dog, it's the Wormtown debut of Sasquatch and the Holy Hellraisers. Yes the wild man returns with a new direction down a Metal road to hell.
I've heard the pre-release of the new stuff, and so did you if you listened to the latest Worm Bros show, and it will blow your soul away.
Also on Friday, DMZ return to the scene of the crime at Church for an encore performance of last years show. If that's not enough to get you to drive out to Boston, Unnatural Axe and Vagiant, who no doubt rocked Ralph's last week, are on the bill.
Saturday, take you pick.
The Raven on Pleasant St hosts THE punk show of the week with Slitstich, The Pity Whores, now an honorary Wormtown Band , proclaimed by Jeff Worm, Hoodrat, The Sentence, and Nix Bitches. I have not yet made it to The Raven, formally known as The Cardinal Club, but have heard they did many renovations and improvements to the place and now is a great room to rock out in.
Over at The Lucky Dog there is a benefit for MASS CANN with Guns of Navarone and Singuya along with two more bands. Herb and Ska, what a concept.
This is the first weekend of Spring, so get out and grow some fun.

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