Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the Year

And according to most websites, the end of the decade.
I thought it was 1-10. I didn't know 0 counts as a year.
I always thought 0 was zero. Nothing. Nada.
Anyway, everyone is compiling best of lists. Rolling Stone has one. So does Pitchfork.
Take at look at them and there's one thing you'll notice. The decade really didn't have any groundbreaking, all encompassing popular act that took the world by storm.
It's actually a pretty sad statement of popular music that in times like these, where music is available in many new ways, that all you get is the same old shit from the powers that be. They continue to refuse catch on to what's new and produce what they know will sell when they tell you to buy it.
There are bands out there who have broken the mold and done fine original music, and they are popular through social networking sites and are self producing themselves avoiding the mainstream outlets.
As far as our little scene goes, it's been pretty steady throughout the past 9 years , with new bands up and coming and a few who have become staples of the area.
I won't make any list but I'll give you my 2 picks.
Best international band, Carbon Silicon for reasons of recording great new music, and giving it way for free.
Best local band, The Numbskulls, who've spent the past 10 years or so as the one band in town who are constantly improving and recording new stuff.
But there are so many fine acts in this town to follow, we all win.
Support the ones you love.
Into the future!!!!

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