Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wormtown Weekend

I forgot, it's Thursday!
So, you already know, Friday at Ralph's it's the best Wormtown show of the year. The Crybabies, The Time Beings, The Commandos, Musclecah, and special guests The Darlings out of Boston. That's Billy Loosigian from The Boom Boom Band's other outfit. They play country rock, and are quite good. Talk about mixing it up.
Then on Saturday, Punk Rock mayhem over at London Billiards on James St with The Pathetics, The Pity Whores, pick up their new CD, "Quarter Life Crisis".Sadplant, will be releasing their new CD "The Kids Are Alright" that night too. Also on the bill are The Thickness, Social Suicide, Citizen, and CTA.
Now that's a fun filled weekend.

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