Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Future Is Now

What do you think was the best invention/product of the past decade?
Most agree it was the ipod. It revolutionized the way music was bought, heard and distributed.
Anyone remember Napster? That sure changed the entire playing field.
How about dial up internet connections?
High speed DSL, wifi, Fiber Optics, there's just no going back.
It's only going to get better. Information is moving at light speed to your devices.
You can now get anything, anytime with your smart phone.
Record your favorite band at Ralph's and instantly load it to Facebook for the world to see.
If it wasn't for these amazing technological advances, there be no WURN.org.
The internet, along with Satellite Radio, took away much of the market for broadcast outlets, even leading to the death of WBCN after 40 years.
There use to be a line of DJ's waiting to get shows at WCUW or WICN, but the interest in that has faded.
Except for a few hours on a Sunday night, you cannot find local rock or punk on any radio stations.
I plan to keep spreading the gospel of Wormtown throughout 2010.
Through this blog, WURN.org, and any other way the future allows.

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