Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Return Of Artie

This Friday at Ralph's, Artie Sneiderman returns to Wormtown with his latest line up of The Crybabies. I first met him when he was a doorman at Xit, Worcesters' one and only Punk Rock Club. He then sang for The Slumlords, The Chain Reactions, The Actions, The Belmondos, and The Crybabies throughout his long career. I decide to go through the archives and dig up some print articles that have appeared over the years, so you can read first hand of all the bands and great people he has played with over the years.

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Voice Of Acid said...

Artie was the door guy at Xit?! Too funny, never caught that. The best was the Circle Jerks show ....back in the day when you could actually get ::hurt:: from things flying around