Monday, February 8, 2010

V66 : Life on the V

Hey, remember back in 1985 when an all music video station premiered on the UHF band to rival MTV? Yeah? I thought at the time it was great. I didn't have cable then and was missing out on the new explosion of video music that was taking over the world. You could watch all the new artists of the day, but right along with them were some of the Boston areas top bands in rotation.
If you were a fan, you can relive those glory days of your youth this Thursday at The House of Blues in Boston where there will be a reunion of sorts celebrating the station and also raising the money necessary to complete a documentary entitled "Life on The V". Some of the old bands are getting back together to play, along with former members of The Atlantics, one of my faves. Check the flier, watch the video, and enjoy the party.

Boston Phoenix article

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