Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wormtown Weekend

Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend is here! And you know what that means. It's time to rock your love and spend Dead Presidents!
There's a 2 day rock showcase called "Get You Rock On 2010" presented by 220 Productions from Ohio and One Eye Management out of Tennessee, (????) at Ralph's with over 15 bands playing. I tried to look up any local press on this, but found nothing. If it's anything like GYRO 2009, this should be, well, I don't know. Never heard of it before. And with no advance press, it's kinda hard to figure out.
I know Huck, and they're playing benefit for playgrounds at The Lucky Dog on Friday.
That sounds like a good cause. Who doesn't like playgrounds. That's where you learn life's early lessons.
Saturday in The Ship Room at The Hotel Vernon, there's The Valentines Day Cabaret Benefit for Central Mass Roller Derby with James Keyes, Mack the Knife, Helen Sheldon Beaumont and The Throttles, which include Cheryl Crane I believe, and others. That sounds like fun, too. Who doesn't like Roller Derby. Women who could kick your ass. Another one of life's lessons.
Also on Saturday its the hugely popular Green Street Music Series at The Lucky Dog featuring the hits of Bowie, Queen and Elton, if that's your bag. Always a sellout.
So go show your love for Wormtown this week. Buy some candy.

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